Bettafix Review: Is It Worth the Risk?

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Wounds, abrasions, and sores on Betta fish call for quick action. If the injury is left untreated, there is a high chance of infection, which may worsen the original wound. Unfortunately, fungal and bacterial infections can be deadly for Betta fish if you don’t tend to them. 

One standard solution to cure Bettas is using the medication Bettafix. This liquid remedy kills unwanted bacteria, thus allowing for a quicker recovery for the fish. And our compact Bettafix review will let you know all about it.

What Is Bettafix?

Bettafix is an antibacterial and antifungal fish medicine by the brand API that helps treat infections in Betta fish. As the brand name suggests, this all-natural remedy has been created especially for healing Betta fins and skin. 

API Bettafix Ingredients

Even though Bettafix fights against disease-causing bacteria, it is free of additives and chemicals. Instead, it contains a natural active ingredient called Melaleuca, a tea tree with antibacterial properties.

What Does Bettafix Fix?

Bettafix is used to treat a variety of conditions that could be symptoms of bacterial infection. Fin rot, torn or damaged fins, red ulcers or slimy patches on the skin, tail rot, and fish fungus can be effectively treated using Bettafix. 

It can also benefit the fish if there are other indications, such as columnaris, dropsy, popeye, and cloudy eyes. Apart from bacterial and fungal wounds, you can also use this medication to heal combat wounds caused by other aggressive fish or due to collision.

How To Use Bettafix?

The remedy is pretty easy to use. Essentially all you need to do is add some of the liquid medicine in the water tank, which dissolves right away. Over time your fish will ingest Bettafix via the mouth, and some will enter its system through the gills, skin, or open wounds. 

Ideally, the recommended dose is 9 drops per pint or 473 ml and 18 drops per quart or 946 ml. If you have a larger aquarium, use half a teaspoon or 2.5 ml per gallon of water. This dosage should be repeated for 7 days without changing the water. 

On the 8th day, you can change the water and check the condition of the fish. If they are not better, proceed with another 7-day dosage. 


Is Bettafix An Antibiotic?

Yes, Bettafix can kill disease-causing bacteria due to its active ingredient Melaleuca. It reduces the signs of infection, like fin and tail rot, dropsy and Malawi boat, hemorrhagic septicemia, red sores, and bacterial gill disease. 

API has another product that treats bacterial infections. This product is called Melafix and is much more potent than Bettafix. Thus if you are looking for a stronger acting medicine that eliminates severe bacterial infection, Melafix might be more effective. But, Bettafix is a go-to option for less immediate bacterial infections. 

Will Bettafix Cure Popeye? 

If popeye is on the verge of becoming visible, Bettafix can work really well to fix it. And, if the infection is severe and you can see that one eye looks abnormally larger than the other, you may need more potent medicine. Not that Bettafix will be ineffective, but the formula is pretty mild, so the results may not show up in case of severe infections. 

Does Bettafix Treat Velvet?

Velvet or gold-dust disease in Betta fish occurs from a parasite infestation, not bacteria or virus infection. So, the symptoms observed are very different. The fish loses color, and the skin develops a rusty or yellowish film on the surface. Bettafix can be used to restore the damaged skin along with treating red sores, mucus spots, or cotton wool. 

Is Bettafix Safe For Bettas?

Yes, Bettafix is completely safe for Bettas, of course. The only thing it will hurt is the bacteria that create unwanted infection or disease in the Betta fish. If you are concerned about using this medication for your fish, keep in mind that this is a chemical-free medicine that uses only natural elements. 

Also, an overdose of any medicine is undesirable, so try to stick to the recommendations provided by the brand, and the fish should be fine. 

Is Bettafix Safe For Plants?

Yes. Bettafix does not affect plants in the water tank or aquarium. So, it is not necessary to remove the plants before beginning the treatment for your Betta fish. But if you still want to empty out the tank to medicate only the fish, that would be fine too. 

Is Bettafix Safe For Snails?

One thing to remember about Bettafix is that it is not a universal medicine for all types of fish, invertebrates, and reptiles. The formula is suitable for treating Betta fish and other tropical fish diseases, so snails should not be exposed to Bettafix. Sometimes, invertebrates cannot tolerate fish medicine and might get uncomfortable in the presence of any such fish remedies. 

If you have Betta and snails in the same tank, it would be better to separate the Bettas into a separate tank. After the 7 days of medication, you can allow them to join the snails in your regular aquarium.

Is Bettafix Safe For Other Fish?

Bettafix has been explicitly designed for Betta fish and similar tropical fish breeds. Ideally, other fish should not be exposed to Bettafix. So, as a rule of thumb, always separate your Betta fish to a temporary tank for the medication period. Also, it’s no use medicating the other fish and snails if they are entirely healthy.

Does Bettafix Work?

Yes, Bettafix works well enough for common infections in Betta fish and other tropical breeds. The good thing about Bettafix is that it reduces symptoms in the early stages of the infection. So, it is best to use this remedy as soon as the fish begin to show any signs of bacteria or fungal infection. 

As it is a mild medicine, you don’t need a prescription to purchase it. It is available in various online and local stores and is the go-to medicine for healing Betta fish. So, try it out and watch your fish heal and thrive in no time! 

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