Why Is My Betta Fish Hiding? (What Should I Do Next?)

Why Is My Betta Fish Hiding

The feisty Siamese Fighting fish, also known as Betta fish, can sometimes be a shy species that like to hide under rocks and inside caves.  Some may argue that they are cautious creatures who are planning their next attack in stealth mode. And yet, other aquarists may say that an unusually timid Betta is distressed or feeling threatened.  … Read more

How Many Female Bettas In A 10 Gallon Tank?

How Many Female Bettas In A 10 Gallon Tank

Bettas or the Siamese fighting fish are one of the most common aquarium fishes found worldwide.  These small fishes tend to be quite colorful, and because of their easy availability, they have become a popular starter fish for budding aquarists. However, as a fighting fish, the chasing and nipping behavior of Bettas is also quite evident and … Read more

Betta Stress Stripes (Breeding VS Fear Stripes)

Betta Stress Stripes

Have you noticed any unusual behavior in the Betta fish whenever you make a little change to the water system? Commonly known as Siamese fighting fish, Betta splendens are colorful and low maintenance. They are typically found in a mix of all rainbow colors like red, blue, and yellow but temporarily get discolored and form … Read more

Black Orchid Betta 101 (Care, Tank Size, Food & Tank Mates)

Black Orchid Betta

Most aquarists would like to have a unique collection of species to make their home aquarium stand out.  Like us, if you’re passionate about having an aquarium full of fish, may we suggest bringing home the black orchid Betta. Both the male and female fish have an attractive black coloration and other glamorous shades, adding to their popularity.  So, … Read more

White Opal Betta (Is it Rare & Turning Black/White?)

White Opal Betta

White and glistening like the pearls of the sea — it’s a wonder that White Opal Betta are often overlooked when compared to their colorful counterparts. Though the White Opal Betta don’t have jewel-bright color, it’s still one of lucky-to-obtain color variations among hobbyists and retailers.   This guide will teach you the essentials of White … Read more