Flowerhorn Tank Size (Normal Body, Short Body & Round Body )

It’s fascinating how science has advanced enough to create a species that is not typically found in nature!

If you do not know what we are referring to, allow us to explain. A beautiful fish by the name flowerhorn cichlid is a man-made fish created by mixing two different species. It is unique and is not found naturally in any water body. 

The fact that it is a hybrid affects the tank it is supposed to be in. So, the question is, what is the ideal flowerhorn tank size? That is precisely what we are here to discuss. 

The Minimum Tank Size For A Single Flowerhorn?

The ideal tank size for a single flowerhorn is about 75 gallons minimum. For most fish, the tank size depends on the size of the fish but not for this one. Irrespective of whether it has a short body, a round body, or is regular-sized, a minimum tank size of 75 gallons is ideal. Now, let’s go into a bit of detail about this. 

Normal Bodied Flowerhorns Size and Tank Size

normal body flowerhorn tank size
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Flowerhorns were first bred in the ‘90s with the intention to create a species that attracts luck and fortune. In the subsequent years, many variants emerged, such as the red dragon, kamfa, Thai silk, and more. 

No matter the variety, one of the things you would first notice is the color of the fish. Every variety has a different color which is the primary identification mark. In addition to that, these fishes have a hump on their heads called the hump or “Kok.” 

How Big Do Normal-bodied Flowerhorns Get?

When we say “normal bodied,” it is indicative of the regular flowerhorn fishes that are bred. These normal-bodied flowerhorns are usually long and thin. In most varieties, they grow as large as 15 inches (38 cms), with a possibility to grow larger. Interestingly, their body seems pretty symmetrical when you look at it. 

The males in this species are typically bigger and weigh more than the female. In fact, even the Kok is more prominent in the male flowerhorn fish than the female.

The Minimum Tank Size for Normal-bodied Flowerhorns

Since this is the normal-sized version of the fish, a minimum 75-gallon tank is a necessity. You can even opt for a bigger one as the ability of this fish to grow is tremendous. It grows pretty quickly and needs a ton of space to move around. 

If you are planning to keep two flowerhorn fishes together in one tank, it is best to go for a tank that is around 200-300 gallons. Even though they are recommended to be kept in pairs, flowerhorn fishes can be aggressive, leading to the male attacking the female. So, it is best to give them ample space. 

Additionally, it is best to have a bigger tank because it is beautiful to look at. A fish in its natural habitat will not swim in cowardice and be free. If you genuinely want to appreciate the beauty of a flowerhorn cichlid, keep it alone in a massive tank.

Short-bodied Flowerhorns Size and Tank Size

Short body flowerhorn tank size

The biggest reason why these fishes are this small is due to factors such as breed and gender. Usually, a flowerhorn is either normal-bodied or round-bodied (bonsai). Any other type of flowerhorn fish is categorized as “short-bodied.” 

How Big Do Short-bodied Flowerhorns Get?

This variety of flowerhorn fish comes in multiple sizes, but none of them cross 11 inches. Hence, they can vary from 3-9 inches. The male in the species grows to about 6-7 inches while the female stops at 5-6 inches. This is mainly because the short-bodied variety is bred to grow at a slightly slower pace.

The Minimum Tank Size for Short-bodied Flowerhorns

Despite the smaller size, the minimum tank size is still recommended as 75 gallons. You could go down to about 50 gallons if the fish is not more than 4 inches. However, considering that the beauty of the flowerhorn fish is accentuated when they swim freely, a 75-gallon tank should be adequate.

Bonsai(Round-bodied) Flowerhorns Size And Tank Size

Another variety of the flowerhorn fish is short but round-bodied, aka the bonsai flowerhorn. Much like the other flowerhorn fishes, this one is also just as beautiful. They have prominent Koks and beautifully colored bodies that stand out when the fish swim alone in a tank.

How Big Do Bonsai Flowerhorns Get?

Much like the short-bodied flowerhorn, this variety of fish does not grow a whole lot. Their growth is slower than the regular flowerhorn, and they are a lot rounder as well. However, they are similar to the short-bodied species in terms of size and do not go beyond 8 inches. 

The Minimum Tank Size for Bonsai(Round-bodied) Flowerhorns

Like the other varieties of flowerhorn fish, this one thrives in a bigger tank. Hence, a 75-gallon tank is more than enough for your bonsai flowerhorn, though it may seem a bit unnecessary to have such a massive tank for a tiny fish.

How Fast Do Flowerhorn Cichlids Grow

The rate at which a flowerhorn fish grows depends entirely on the variety of fish. Most of the time, the fish fully develop in the first year itself. With a lifespan of about 10-12 years, your flowerhorn fish will fully grow in less than two years.

The Minimum Tank Size For A Breeding Pairs Of Flowerhorn

Considering that most flowerhorn fishes need 75 gallons for themselves, it is safe to say a couple requires close to double of that. Potentially, a 200-300 gallon tank should be sufficient for breeding.

Final Thoughts 

On that note, we finally come to the end of our guide. If you were wondering about the ideal flowerhorn tank size, we hope this guide cleared the confusion.

Before leaving, we would like to reiterate that taking care of a flowerhorn fish is not challenging as long you understand their living conditions. These are unique fish that can live for almost 10-12 years in captivity under the right circumstances. Plus, they are made to be interactive and make excellent pets. 

I shall now sign off. See you very soon with more guides like this.

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