Freshwater Aquarium Setup & Care

Introducing an aquarium to your home is the perfect way to bring beautiful color and life into a space. Watching your fish swim around or algae grow can help lower blood pressure and reduce stress levels in everyday life!

Fish are really sensitive and need special consideration in order for them to thrive. A little extra patience in the beginning will go a long way toward creating an aquarium filled with healthy fish that they’re happy with for years to come!

If you are interested in adding a freshwater aquarium to your home but don’t know where or how to start, this section will help guide you. As seen in my beautiful 55-gallon setup pictured above, creating a freshwater aquarium is easy and well worth the time spent.

We’ll get right down into a list of the equipment you’ll need and detailed guides on setting up your first freshwater fish tank.

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Aquarium Equipment

Aquarium Maintenance & Water Chemistry