Badidae Species

Badidae fish (colloquially known as chameleon fish) are members of a family of freshwater fish with about 30 different species. In the wild, they are found in heavily vegetated ponds and swamps in South Asia, particularly in India.

Tanks that house Badidae fish must be stocked with hiding places and thick vegetation, preferably including some that disperse light. Badidae fish profiles suggest that they enjoy gentle water movement.

Males are more vibrant and decorative, sporting larger bodies and colorful anal, dorsal, and pelvic fins. Females, by contrast, are smaller and less colorful.

While males may be ornate and temptingly decorative for your new aquarium, Badidae fish can be territorial. It’s advisable to keep multiple males in a larger tank, if possible, and filled with plenty of visual barriers, hiding places, and distractions.

They are sometimes called “chameleon fish” because of their tendency to change color rapidly when aroused or scared, often to blend into their surroundings.

Badidae Fish