Barb Fish Species – Cyprinids and Freshwater Sharks

There are many species of barb fish, including Black Ruby, Gold, Rosy, and Tinfoil. The various barb species have qualities that make them all similar, however, related to their activity, needs, and friendliness.

Fish in the Barb species prefer to be kept in groups. Recognize the needs that a schooling species needs in terms of your tank before purchasing, including how many fish you should purchase (for Barb fish, five or more is a general practice) and how big they will eventually grow.

Barbs are active, playful fish that should only be placed in tanks with other quick-moving and pushy fish. This means that decorative, gentle, long-finned fish don’t make good tank companions for fish of the Barb species.

Also keep in mind that fish of the Barb family prefer water a little cooler and with a soft acidic composition, so any tankmates would have to be able to tolerate these conditions as well.

Barbs/Cyprinids List