Danios, a schooling fish in the Family Cyprinidae that typically grow to less than 2″ and are surface oriented. These small and active minnows are well suited for the community aquarium. They’re incredibly hardy and tolerate a wide range of temperature ranges as well as water chemistry so they easily adjust for beginners aquariums that need some more life right away!

Native to South and Southeast Asia. These fish live in both fast-flowing streams as well as slow-moving pools of water. In recent years, many new species have been discovered deep within remote areas of Myanmar (Burma), leading them to be introduced into the hobby more frequently.

Danios should always be kept with other active fish such as serpae, red eye, black skirt tetras, platies, mollies and swordtails, small barbs, or other danios. It’s best not to put any new fish into your aquarium while you’re unsure if it will work out well for both of you! Always consult an expert before buying a new kind of fish that may need more special requirements than what is already in their tankmates’ tanks.