Betta Fish (Siamese Fighting Fish) Species Profile

The Betta fish, or Siamese Fighting Fish, is a member of the Osphronemidae family. They are also members of the Gourami species, which means they are also labyrinth fish, gulping air at the water’s surface. 

The Betta is native to Thailand, Vietnam, and Cambodia, with most being found in the Chao Phraya River. They live in rice paddies, floodplains, and canals. They can grow as long as 2.8 inches in length and live up to three years old. 

The males have a bad reputation for being highly aggressive towards other male Bettas. Males can not be placed in the same tank with other male Bettas. They can be placed with a female as long as there is plenty of vegetation and decorations that can serve as a hiding spot for the female. Females can exist together, and when you get more than four female Bettas together, it’s called a sorority. 

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Betta Fish Care​

Betta fish are all the rage with pet owners these days. They’re active, beautiful and easy to keep – but they aren’t as simple as you might think! Get your betta set up for success by getting this quick guide on what he needs in order to thrive.

Betta Fish Diseases

Betta fish diseases are often categorized as fungal, parasitic or bacterial. Most fungal infections result from previous health conditions and can be introduced into the aquarium by new fish who may have been exposed to them in their former living space through water that was less than ideal for a betta’s needs.

Parasitic ailments are most contagious and also brought on by exposure to poor quality water – which is why it is important not only to condition your own tank but any tanks you introduce new betta friends with before adding one of these sensitive guys (or gals) so they don’t come down with something else right away!

Betta Fish Tank Mates

What’s the best fish for your Betta? You can learn which species make good tank mates and are compatible with either a male or female Bettas. We recommend Fish that get along, are safe, and will comfortably live in your aquarium!

Betta Fish Types

A Betta fish is a popular freshwater pet that comes in many different colors and shapes. They are so well-loved because they come with all sorts of color variations, patterns, and tail types!