Paradise Fish (Blue Paradise Gourami) Species Profile

The Macropodus opercularis, or Paradise fish, is a freshwater fish that can be found all throughout east Asia. The Paradise fish is a member of the Osphronemidae family and is part of the Gourami species, which means it’s also a labyrinth fish. The Paradise fish can grow up to 2.6 inches long.

The Paradise fish was one of the first ornamental fish to reach Western aquarium hobbyists in 1869 Paris. They are aggressive and can be combative, attacking other Gourami fish and possibly killing smaller fish. When fighting, this fish will change its color and begin displaying darker blue vertical lines on the side of their body.

Female Paradise fish can be kept together in groups as well as a male and a female. However, males should not be put together. They will attack each other by locking jaws. They are predators in the wild, preferring to eat fish fry, invertebrates, and insects.