How Much Do Guppies Cost? (Fancy, Mutt and Competition)

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Guppies are the ultimate beginner fish. They are affordable, friendly, striking, and simple to care for. But not all guppies are created equal, nor do they cost the same! Guppies come in a large variety of amazing colors and patterns. They run the spectrum from plain grey with minimal finnage to incredibly beautiful guppies with elaborate finnage. 

When determining how much do guppies cost, the breeder takes into consideration exclusive traits, colors, and patterns. If you are wondering how much the average mutt guppy costs compared to fancy guppies, we will answer that question for you in this comprehensive guide. 

The price for fancy guppies can range in cost from $10 to $100 depending on the breeding and exclusive traits. A pair of Blue Delta Guppies will only cost you $9.00 compared to a pair of rare Black Moscow Guppies, which will cost you close to $90 from a breeder.

Fancy guppies have striking patterns and brilliant coloring that sets them apart from the average guppy fish. In addition to their coloring, fancy guppies will have long, flowing fins, and beautiful tails and patterns.

Generations of selective breeding go into creating these striking physical characteristics, which is why fancy guppies cost more than the average guppy. This selective breeding produces guppies that are not necessarily as sturdy as the average guppy fish may be. 

Because of this, breeding and raising fancy guppies might not best for you if you are a beginner. You will be required to engage in tank maintenance more frequently. Some fancy guppies are more sensitive to any changes in the water chemistry that sometimes occurs.

How Much Do Mutt Guppies Cost?

Mutt Guppies tend to be your average guppies. They’re guppies with unknown lines, which makes it difficult to identify which strain they are from. You can buy them at your favorite pet store.

Being unable to identify the particular strain a guppy fish comes from will directly affect its cost. Out of all the types of guppies, mutt guppies tend to cost less, only costing a few dollars each. For as low as $5.00, you can buy a pair for breeding.

Unlike the fancy guppies, mutt guppies are hardier and easier to care for. They adapt well to different water conditions and are easier to breed. This makes them perfect for a beginner aquarist.


How Much Do Competition Guppies Cost?

For a guppy fish to be considered a competition or show guppy, the guppy fish will need to have unique and striking physical traits that will best represent their species at a fish show.

The physical characteristics, as well as the strain of a competition Guppy, will determine the price, which can start anywhere from $20 and go as high as $100. 

Because competition guppies happen to be similar to fancy guppies in terms of physical traits and their lineage, they are usually priced similarly as well.

How to Breed Guppies for Profit?

There are several steps to breeding guppies for a profit:

Setting up the Tanks

If you plan to engage in selective breeding, you will need eight 10-gallon tanks. Each tank should be set up normally to accommodate your guppies. One of the tanks will be used as a reserve tank, while the other seven tanks will be used by each breeding pair. 

One tank should be for the first generation, another for the second generation, plus separate aquariums for the males and females, with the rest being for selected females and males.

You Need a Superior Breeding Pair

Obtaining a breeding pair of guppies that are of higher quality than the mutt guppies is essential when you plan to breed them for a profit. You can experiment with selective breeding to create your own fancy guppy strains that you can turn around and sell for a profit. 

For higher-quality Guppies, the breeder you purchase from should be able to show you a traceable and established lineage for each breeding pair. The pair you buy should be in excellent health, showcasing their vibrant colors and striking patterns. 

High-Quality Diets

When you are breeding guppies and raising fry, you need to give them a higher-quality diet, which will meet their needs nutritionally during every developmental stage. 

A well-balanced diet will prevent the kind of deformities that result from nutritional deficiencies. A good diet will also help them to develop more vibrant colors, as well as strengthening their immune systems, protecting them from certain diseases. A varied diet is best:

  • Premium flakes
  • Vegetable and organic matter (algae tabs, spirulina)
  • Live cultured foods (vinegar eels, daphnia, brine shrimp)

Monitoring and Recording

Before you begin selectively breeding your guppy fish, you need to have a breeding plan in place. Everything you do should be documented. 

The tanks should be numbered, as well as the fish within each tank. Keep track of the which fish parented which fish, and keep track of the siblings, as well. Keep a record of any breeding techniques you have tried and your results with each. Record each breeding date and the date of the delivery.

How to Improve Your Guppy's Overall Quality?

If you plan to produce higher quality guppies, you will need to begin with a pair that is of the highest quality. Make sure you are not trying to breed guppies with undesirable traits, deformities, and known diseases

Here are a few things you can do that will ensure the healthy breeding of your Guppies:

  • Use dechlorinated water when setting up each tank and changing the water
  • Maintain the tanks regularly, keeping the water conditions stable
  • Turn any artificial lights off at night so that the Guppies can rest
  • Be proactive in preventing diseases
  • Offer live plants in your tank
  • Eliminate any stress factors
  • A daily diet should consist of a variety of high-quality foods
  • Make sure your Guppies have the water volume and space they need 
  • Prevent premature breeding by separating the fry by size and gender


If you want to add interest and beauty to your tank, Guppies are a great way to do that because of their price and how easy they are to take care of. 

However, if you want to breed and show your guppy fish, you will need to invest more time and money than you normally would. But for fish enthusiasts, that extra price is well worth the rewards they get from breeding and showing fancy and competition guppies.

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