Jeff Colt

Hello fellow aquatics enthusiasts! My name is Jeff Colt, the founder of Aquarium Fish City. I’m an aquarium keeper and enthusiast and have been for about 15 years or so. While I won’t claim to be the end-all expert on aquatic life, I will say that I know my way around a tank.

aquariumfishcity-Richard Rowlands
This is new look of my 125g tank.

With that in mind, I put this website together to help other keepers like me to keep abreast of factions of the fishkeeping hobby. After all, it wasn’t very long ago that people didn’t know what the nitrogen cycle was. New information comes out every day regarding the fish we keep and how we can improve their quality of life while continuing to enjoy their presence in our homes.

That’s why I want to share some of my experiences with you. Hopefully, it helps to increase the confidence you have in this website and the information I share on it.

My Personal Experiences

As I said, I’ve spent more than half of my life fascinated with fish and invertebrates, particularly those stunning African Cichlids and Apistogramma Dwarf Cichlids. Freshwater, saltwater, or somewhere in between, it never mattered to me. The only thing that mattered was having cool fish swimming around in a tank in my bedroom.

Except… It wasn’t as easy as I had originally hoped. I didn’t become versed in fish care overnight – there was a lot of trial and error and, I hate to say, a lot of fish friends lost during the process. But I learned, and I got better at not only selecting my fish, but at identifying their needs to survive and, eventually, thrive.

I spoke to experts, I monitored water levels and worked to keep tank after tank clean. I found out which fish enjoyed what foods and that the temperature of the water was just as important to my aquatic pets as air quality is to people.

At this point in my life, I’ve kept everything from betta fish to Arowana; goldfish to tangs. I pride myself on the health of my fish and the quality of life they enjoy. As a result, I extensively research every product that I recommend, every fish that I keep, and every new update in the fish world that could affect myself or my fellow hobbyists.

My Dedication to Responsible Fishkeeping and Information Sharing

After all of my trial-and-error and experimenting, I found that a lot of myths out there about fishkeeping are just that – myths. It didn’t seem right to let people think that betta fish were happiest in stagnant water bowls with no filtration or decor. And goldfish aren’t the best beginner fish, especially not for a child, not by a long shot.

These kinds of myths hurt the animals and ultimately lead to untimely, entirely-preventable deaths. So I decided that I wanted to help change that by sharing my personal experiences.

My goal here is primarily to help you, whether you’re a new fishkeeper or an old pro, enjoy this hobby to its fullest. Responsibly kept, well-maintained aquariums are some of the most rewarding, successful and healthy tanks, and they’re a joy for everyone to behold.