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Welcome to AquariumFishCity, where my team and I take the guesswork out of all things related to fish, fishkeeping, and the aquatic hobby as a whole. If you’re wondering what specifically we do here, feel free to take a look around! Or read on, and I will give you the best explanation of what we do here to improve your experiences with fishkeeping and help you take the best possible care of your aquatic friends.

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The freshwater aquarium guide where you can learn how to set up, keep, and maintain freshwater aquarium fish, aquarium plant profiles.

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Live plants in your aquarium have special needs, just as your fish do.

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Complete step by step guides to setting up your aquarium tank.

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How To Breed Guppies Like A Boss!

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Total dissolved solids (or TDS) is a technical term that describes the quality and presence of particles (organic and inorganic) that lie in the water inside your tank. This number

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