Catfish Species

The typical Catfish species is a hardy choice for any freshwater aquarium. However, they sport strong spines and spiked fins that can pierce your hand if you don’t handle them delicately.

Many Catfish species are nocturnal, meaning that they should be fed in the evening (though armored catfish are one of a few exceptions). With so many species (there are thousands), it’s essential to know the unique differences between each fish to create an ideal habitat for them.

For instance, Cory Catfish rest on the bottom of the tank, making it important for you to buy a substrate that won’t hurt their bellies, such as a pool filter sand. Pictus Catfish are friendly tankmates until you put them with a fish species small enough to be eaten!

Knowing whether your particular breed of catfish likes a big tank (Pictus), a well-vegetated space (Upside Down Catfish), or are just all-around easygoing tankmates like the peaceful Bumblebee Catfish will help you know how to set up and adjust your aquarium for the needs of your unique catfish species.

Aquarium Catfish

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