Goldfish Care

The striking, decidedly fluorescent colors of the Glofish have probably caught your eye in the past. Due to their relative hardiness, pleasant personalities, and stunning aesthetic charm, Glofish are a staple in pet stores all over the world. If you are new to keeping an aquarium, and you want to find the best fish for beginners, it is likely that someone somewhere will suggest Glofish.

However, they may also look familiar to you simply because you’ve seen them before in other forms. Remember that when we’re talking about Glofish, we’re discussing a type that already comes to us from one of the most common examples of fish there is. It is a zebra danio medication that was created through selective and highly specific breeding. What it gave us in the present is a dazzling array of fluorescent hues.

Glofish are freshwater aquarium fish of a fairly standard kind. What separates them from other options are the colors you can find. They can be found under such names as Starfire Red, Sunburst Orange, Electric Green, Galactic Purple, Moonrise Pink, and Cosmic Blue.

And just in case you were wondering, the neon glow is not something that was created in a lab. There is nothing unnatural about the process known as bioluminescence. This would be the same process that lights up fireflies in the night, and can also be found among many underwater species.

  • Breeding: Keep in mind that due to licensing rights, Glofish are illegal to breed. Having said that, keeping marbles at the bottom of a 78F degree aquarium, while feeding the female high-quality food, can cause the eggs to be left among the marbles.
  • Aquarium Size: While there are plenty of five-gallon tanks on the market, you really shouldn’t opt for anything smaller than 10 gallons. In fact, if you want to have ample room for a wide number of fish, your best bet is to go for 20 gallons.
  • Tank Mates: Other danio examples are just fine for Glofish. They also get along well with tetras, barbs, angelfish, and pretty much most other freshwater examples.
  • Disease: Although quite durable, even for a freshwater fish, they are still suspectable to such disease as intestinal capillariasis and velvet disease.
  • Food: Mixing fish flakes with a natural environment food like shrimp brine can keep your Glofish well-fed and quite happy.

Goldfish Care