Loaches Species

The Loaches species is known for its flexible, long body and acute senses of taste and smell. One of the major draws of fish in the Loaches species is that they’re talented scavengers, so they double as little tank cleaners.

Most are nocturnal and can be found active and foraging at night and hidden and cozy during the day. This necessitates evening feedings for most Loaches species. On the front of their faces, Loaches have thorny spines right between their eyes that they can use for self-defense. Be careful about these spines getting caught on the net if you need to move them.

Only about 100 species of Loaches are available for aquarium use and while many are quite docile, others will bicker with members of their species. It’s best to research specific breeds before mixing multiple Loaches species in the same tank.


Kuhli Loach Care Guide

Kuhli Loach