The Best Surface Skimmers for All Tank Owners (2022 Update)

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You’re probably wondering why you need a surface skimmer. It’s a valid question!

Most people don’t think they need one until they experience an algae bloom or see their aquarium turning green.

A surface skimmer is a device that helps to remove surface scum and debris from your aquarium, keeping the water clean and clear. In addition, surface skimmers can help to reduce evaporation and keep oxygen levels high. As a result, surface skimmers play an important role in maintaining a healthy aquarium environment.

So if you’re looking to keep your aquarium in tip-top shape, a surface skimmer is a must-have piece of equipment.

However, choosing the best surface skimmer can also be one of the most confusing, especially for beginner aquarists. With so many products on the market, it’s hard to know where to start.

To help you out, we’ve put together a list of the best surface skimmers for aquariums.

Best Overall Aquarium Surface Skimmer

EHEIM Skim 350

The Eheim 350 Surface Skimmer is our top pick for the best overall surface skimmer. This product is designed for aquariums up to 350 Liter capacity gallons and can be used with both fresh and marine tanks.

With a very low 5W electricity consumption, it can use quickly in the freshwater aquarium with little care about bacterial infections transmission. 

You can easily clean this EHEIM 350 aquarium surface skimmer during short or long-term usage. This device keeps the aquarium surface water clean from dust, bacteria, oils, microorganisms, and food fats.

EHEIM Skim 350 Aquarium Filter 6.40 x 3.10 x 3.30...
  • Light and compact surface skimmer with pump action
  • Increase in the oxygen content in the aquarium
  • Ready to use out of the box, no additional pieces or kits necessary
  • Suitable for fresh water
  • Suitable for marine tanks


  • This filter is designed for the aquarium of about 90 Gal (350 l) capacity.
  • Helps suitable exchange of gas to develop a healthier environment in the freshwater aquarium
  • The Self-Adjusting Float is a complete water retention solution that compensates for evaporation by maintaining its appropriate level.
  • Cleans water from dirt, oily films, and even microorganisms

What We Like About EHEIM 350

Surface skimmer EHEIM 350 Aquarium Filter is a smart, easy, and affordable option for traditional aquariums. It skims the surface of your freshwater aquarium, removing excess foam and waste for quick and easy maintenance.

It’s no secret that filters can cause many problems for the fish in your tank. So, when the company created this surface skimmer EHEIM 350, they had to make sure you wouldn’t have to worry about it anymore. This filter is specially designed to be low-cost and efficient, with the ability to maintain constant water flow without worrying about clogging a marine aquarium.

Its innovative design offers several benefits like reduced noise and water flow, increased stability, etc. With the EHEIM surface skimmer on the market, you can easily keep your fish happy and healthy.

What We Don’t Like About EHEIM 350

We like all the features and functions provided by the surface skimmer EHEIM 350 freshwater Aquarium Filter, but it has a few things that we don’t like. For instance, it’s not compatible with RO/DI filters, and it cannot be easy to locate replacement parts.


  • Up to 350l Aquariums Best Available Option
  • Small Efficient Surface Filter
  • For Short and long terms usage
  • Quick Installation out of the box
  • Only 5-Watt Energy Utilization
  • Durable
  • Best for a marine aquarium and freshwater aquarium
  • Budget-Friendly


  • Sponge requires cleaning occasionally

Best Budget Surface Skimmer

Odyssea Clean 100 Surface Skimmer

A small but powerful surface skimmer removes oil layers, dust, and other impurities from your aquarium. One of the best and cheap aquarium surface skimmers, Odyssea clean 100 is equipped with a 5 Watts motor to generate a flow rate of 110 GPH.

This small but powerful skimmer is equipped with a 5-watt motor that can generate a flow rate of 110 GPH. Additionally, it’s one of the most affordable surface skimmers on the market. So if you’re looking for a quality surface skimmer that won’t break the bank, the Odyssea Clean 100 is a great choice.

Odyssea Clean 100 Surface Skimmer Aquarium Filter...
  • Flow rate: 110 GPH
  • Energy efficient 5W pump
  • Skims surface build-up to improve water quality
  • Great for freshwater planted aquariums
  • Works with both freshwater and marine


  • Efficient pump with 5 Watts energy consumption
  • It skims away the surface to enhance better water quality
  • The best option for a marine aquarium having fresh and water
  • Eliminates all kinds of dirt, liquid impurity
  • 110 GPH maximum flowrate
  • Reversible Spray Bar

What We Like About Odyssea Clean 100 Surface Skimmer

The good thing about this internal skimmer is it can be hung on the walls of the freshwater aquarium because of its bracket design. Highly effective in water cleaning through its powerful and efficient system. You don’t want to miss a chance to clean your aquarium to look like crystal-clear water with this amazing device.

Without scouring, Odyssea Clean 100 Surface Skimmer removes the daily build-up of gunk that floats on the top surface of your marine aquarium. The durable, 100% recycled plastic surface is ready to endure the toughest aquarium maintenance situations.

You can make crystal clear water of your dirty aquarium with the 110 GPH beast flowrate capacity. The brackets help to hang the device on the side glass walls of the freshwater aquarium for better security. 

What We Don’t Like About Odyssea Clean 100 Surface Skimmer

We don’t like this product because the size balance is not good when it hangs on the walls of the aquarium. The aquarium surface skimmer sometimes falls on the heavy side portion of the water body, which is unsafe but can be managed with proper adjustment.


  • Maximum flowrate capacity of 450 LPH to clean surface
  • Best budget surface skimmer with 110 GPH capacity
  • Best for rimless tanks
  • Removes large amounts of bacteria and other harmful organisms and converts them into the freshwater aquarium
  • Designed to prevent odors by absorbing the molecules that emit the scent through the pores of the material


  • Not Suitable for big aquariums due to their small size

Best Small Aquarium Surface Skimmer

Azoo AZ13123

Get your tank sparkling clean with this efficient and safe surface skimmer made of various materials, including a strong ABS plastic, steel, and glass body. 

It’s easy to operate and is perfect for use as a replacement for your old aquarium skimmer. The transparent body helps to estimate the efficient working of this best small surface skimmer in the freshwater aquarium.

AZOO AZ13123 Nano Surface Aquarium Skimmer
  • Flow Rate: 2.6~66 gallon
  • The inlet float has an enclosed design, so it will automatically adapts to water level
  • Clear Body for easy to monitor


  • The secure gate allows fishes not to enter the device
  • Suitable for nano-planted freshwater aquarium tanks as a primary filter
  • Adjustable water flow system according to the aquarium size
  • Easy to monitor due to transparent body design
  • Suitable for up to 250 L aquariums
  • Maximum 66 gallons flowrate capacity

What We Like About Azoo AZ13123 Best Small Surface Skimmer

You cannot judge the device by its cover as there are many surprises it is hiding inside its body. The enclosed design allows you to control the water level for long-term usage.

Get rid of debris quickly with the AZOO AZ13123. Its media foam pad is gentle on delicate surfaces, and its sump plug keeps water from leaking out. The trajectory of this device converts your dirty aquarium into a freshwater aquarium.

If you are looking for the professional best small surface skimmer for your marine aquarium at an affordable price, Azoo AZ13123 may be good.

What We Don’t Like About Azoo AZ13123 Best Small Surface Skimmer

The only flaw of this device that we don’t like is it is a bit noisy due to its continuous vibration during water level regulation that a simple thing can cause a disturbance in the quiet area.


  • Negligible Trajectory 
  • Best design to reduce the entrance of small fishes inside the device
  • Best budget small surface skimmer for freshwater aquarium
  • Suitable for small aquariums with a range of about 2.6-66 GPH capacity
  • Transparent design allows effortless monitoring in the marine aquarium


  • The vibration of the body can cause a high level of noise

Best Surface Skimmer for Fluval Canister Filters

Fluval Surface Skimmer

Are you looking for the best surface skimmer for your Fluval canister filter? Then you need the Fluval Surface Skimmer.

This powerful skimmer removes surface debris and unwanted particles from your aquarium, keeping your water clean and clear.

The Surface Skimmer is also easy to install and use. Best of all, it’s very affordable, making it a great value for money. If you have a Fluval canister filter, the Fluval Surface Skimmer is the best surface skimmer for you.

Fluval Surface Aquarium Skimmer for Series 05 06...
  • Works to eliminate undesired surface films
  • Helps improve oxygen exchange
  • Removes organic waste from the surface
  • Helps keep your aquarium water clean and clear
  • Simple to use


  • A medium flow rate of about 90 to 250 gallons per hour
  • Fits all Fluval 05/06/07 series Canister filters
  • Easy to operate for a freshwater aquarium
  • Two suction cups allow the device to attach to the walls of a marine aquarium
  • Helps in the cleaning of all waste layers on the top surface of aquarium water
  • A flexible hose allows it to reach far from the area
  • Best suitable for up to 100 gallons

What We Like About Fluval Surface Skimmer 

If your aquarium has a bacterial or fungal problem, you need the Fluval Surface Skimmer. It’s the best way to remove surface debris and keep your aquarium crystal clear.

With its curved and flexible metal-less body design, you can easily skim off the surface of your marine aquariums and remove debris, food, and other junk in seconds. Use it to keep your freshwater/marine aquarium in great shape and keeps the fishes very happy.

The Fluval Surface Skimmer creates a fine skimming action that traps debris and trash in your marine aquarium. It will keep your fish healthy and the whole water crystal clear.

What We Don’t Like About Fluval Surface Skimmer

If there’s one thing we don’t like about the Fluval Surface Skimmer, it’s that you have to constantly adjust the flow control to balance upper and lower intake flow. This can be a bit of a pain, especially when you get home after a long day at work and find the spray bar is no longer encouraging the flow.


  • Eliminates and removes organic waste of fishes converts into the freshwater aquarium
  • Very Affordable price
  • It integrates with Fluval canister filters


  • Tough to adjust flow

Best Marine aquarium surface skimmer

Sunsun JY-03

You can easily remove your freshwater aquarium surface film and prevent unwanted detritus from building up on top of the water, even in high-flow areas, with the Sunsun JY-03 surface skimmer. 

Its smart design features a large-diameter filter outlet to ensure no clogging. This marine aquarium surface skimmer is easy to clean and maintain, has a smooth body for easy operation, and comes with a long power cord. 

Marine Color Sunsun Aquarium Surface Protein...
  • Effective surface skimming.
  • Adjustable flow rate.
  • Easy cleaning.
  • Adjust the water level within 4cm automatically.
  • Small and compact in size.


  • Used for aeration through its adjustable oxygen provider
  • 3 Watts motor allows easy surface skimming
  • The maximum flow rate is about 80 GPH which can easily remove oily surfaces and waste materials floating on the freshwater aquarium surface.
  • The Air tube, which is also adjustable, allows bubbles injection into the water
  • Best for up to 300 liters per hour aquariums
  • Water adjustment automatic option in between the 4 cm range

What We Like About Sunsun JY-03 Marine Aquarium Surface Skimmer

You will love Sunsun JY-03 Marine Aquarium Surface Skimmer because of its exquisite design and performance. With a sleek and stylish shape, Sunsun JY-03 offers an elegant design appropriate to any aquarium style.

Great for small tanks, the JY-03 is a powerful and affordable solution for creating a rich and healthy freshwater aquarium. It quickly and gently breaks up large surface scum, so your tank is clean, clear, and sparkling. It’s easy to use and features quick-release clips that make attaching to any standard aquarium convenient.

This skimmer is designed with an advanced filtration system that provides efficient skimming and an aggressive pump. The oxygen adjusting option through injecting bubbles is so attractive that anyone who comes to your house will go to see the magic of this marine aquarium surface cleaner.

What We Don’t Like About Sunsun JY-03 Marine Aquarium Surface Skimmer

The bubble creates so much mess that you cannot even see the fishes from a distance; you need to go nearer the freshwater aquarium to watch the fishes.


  • Easily Installation of this marine aquarium skimmer
  • The adjustable oxygen regulator handle increases the better performance
  • Effortlessly cleaning through higher and adjustable flow rate
  • The efficient and tiny body design
  • Adjustable for small and large volumes
  • Ecologically beneficial
  • Solid Chucks allow the device to hold onto the walls of the freshwater aquarium Less noisy with better efficiency


  • Oxygen Regulator creates extra bubbles to reduce the visibility through an aquarium

Best Lily Pipe with Surface Skimmer

Jardli Glass Set 

The Jardli Glass Lily Pipe Inflow with Surface Skimmer is not only great for minimizing visible equipment inside your aquarium, but they’re also witty. 

The surface skimmer helps remove surface film and debris, and the lily pipe is designed to direct water flow upward, providing gentle filtration while helping to maintain water clarity.

These Lily Pipes are made of durable and thick borosilicate glass that is resistant to heat and corrosion. When it comes to keeping your aquarium looking its best, Jardli Glass Lily Pipes with Surface Skimmer is a clear choice.

JARDLI Glass Lily Pipes Set Spiral Outflow &...
  • The spin outflow pipe has a loop-shape outflow section. It creates a circling flow of water inside its...
  • The surface skimmer removes surface scum effectively. More easily and help photosynthesis of water...
  • 360-degree inflow design allows water flows to get through from all directions without clogging and...
  • Glass transparency gives a superb appearance to your aquarium. Make an elegant curve line in your...
  • 17 mm outer diameter fits the canister filter tubing of 5/8" i.d.(16/22mm). Compatible with Eheim, Tetra...


  • The surface skimmer helps to remove surface film and debris
  • Lily pipe is designed to offer effective flow patterns
  • Made of durable and thick borosilicate glass that is resistant to heat and corrosion

What We Like About Jardli Glass Lily Pipe Inflow with Surface Skimmer

The most significant advantage of this lily pipe surface skimmer is its modern and elegant look while performing an essential function.

The surface skimmer is highly effective in removing surface film and debris, and the inflow pipe carries water from the aquarium down to the water to the filter to be cleaned.

What We Don’t Like About Jardli Glass Lily Pipe Inflow with Surface Skimmer

It’s made of glass, so it is more fragile than other options and can break if dropped.


  • Glass transparency is aesthetically pleasing to your aquarium.
  • Easily Installation
  • Compatible with Eheim, Tetra, and other filters.


  • Made from glass that tends to break easily
  • Hard to clean

Final Verdict 

Surface skimmers play an essential role in keeping your tank clean and clear, so it’s worth taking the time to find the best option for your needs.

You’ll also want to consider how much maintenance you’re willing to do. Some skimmers require more frequent cleaning than others. And finally, you’ll need to decide how much you’re ready to spend.

The EHEIM 350 aquarium freshwater skimmer is designed with flow adjustment in mind, making it easy to adjust to match your tank size and fit your water parameters. 

Buy EHEIM 350 from the link given in the product features box to avail the best deals available online.

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