Ideal TDS For Guppy Tank


Total dissolved solids (or TDS) is a technical term that describes the quality and presence of particles (organic and inorganic) that lie in the water inside your tank. This number is extremely important for keeping your fish healthy and tank safe. TDS is measured in part per million (ppm). This article will explore the best … Read more

Pregnant Guppy Fish Care


Much like when we find out our friends or relatives are expecting, finding out one of our pets is expecting is extremely exciting. However, taking care of a pregnant fish might seem a bit overwhelming for the new fish owner. In this article, we are going to cover what to expect when your guppy is … Read more

Best Commercial & Homemade Guppy Food for Color and Growth


In their natural habitat in the wild, Guppies are omnivores. As such, they’ll eat almost anything you offer them. They’ll eat meat-based foods as well as plant-based foods. Live foods provide a much-needed source of nutrients for guppies. In the wild, guppies will eat a wide variety of live foods. Some of their favorites include: … Read more

The Best pH Level for Guppies


Because guppies are such a popular fish species for many who own a freshwater aquarium, it is good to know how best to care for them. While they are generally fairly easy to care for and maintain, one matter which a potential owner should educate himself on is the best pH level for guppies. Best … Read more

Guppy Fish Growth Stages

Guppy Fish Growth Stages

If you are a guppy owner or are seeking to become one, it may be useful for you to learn the growth stages of the guppy. Knowing how to properly care for your guppy fish as they pass through each of the different stages will allow you to grow guppies which are colorful, large, long … Read more