Flowerhorn Cichlid Care

The Flowerhorn is one of the most popular hybrid Central American cichlids, also known as Louhan in Asia. They closely resemble the original parent species – Amphilophus trimaculatus. Breeders created this beautiful species by using wild populations from southeast Asian lakes to create new strains for farmers who wanted more color than just green or white on their farm ponds.

The flower-horned Cichlid has a large hump on the head, or nuchal, bulbous nose, and thick lips, making it easy to identify as one of its kind! The flowerhorn cichlid is a tricky fish to keep, but once you know what it needs and how much space they need in order not assert dominance over their tankmates or be bullied by aggressive ones there’s no stopping this coconut-colored beauty.

In this section, we cover all things you need to know about flowerhorn cichlid care.