Can Angelfish And Guppies Live Together? (What You NEED To Know)

Most of you would love to put a lot of different species of fish in your fish tank. However, it is essential that you know which fish are compatible with each other.

Guppies are some of the friendliest fish. One reason why beginners are recommended to start with guppies is that they are easy-going and low maintenance. Guppies easily mix well with other fish in the tanks.

Having features similar to guppies, another friendly fish is angelfish. However, a common question that comes to your mind is: Can angelfish and guppies live in the same tank?

This article is going to answer the question for you.  So keep reading to find out more.

Can Angelfish And Guppies Live Together?

Guppies and angelfish cannot live together because angelfish tend to become aggressive as they grow up. Furthermore, the fully grown angelfish are much bigger than guppies. Therefore, they like to chase and attack the small guppies.

Besides, it is not safe for guppies to stay with angelfish as the latter display predatorial instincts. That being said, there are a number of factors that contribute to why you shouldn’t keep these two fish together.

Why Keeping Angelfish And Guppies Together Is A Bad Idea?

Being different in size is not the only reason why these two fish must be kept separately. Read on to get the details on the multiple reasons why angelfish and guppies together is a bad idea.


The temperament of guppies and angelfish is quite different from each other, and it affects guppies.

Undoubtedly, guppies are known for their peaceful nature and can blend well with other fish in the tank. However, this is not the scenario with angelfish.

Angelfish often get aggressive, specifically when other fish swim along with them. They find it a threat to their territory and thus, attack the other small fish. Sometimes, they even attack each other.

The outcome of keeping these two fish together often ends in guppies being killed, even if they are more in numbers. It is advisable to keep angelfish either with medium or large fish so that they cannot bully smaller fish.

Guppies Will Undergo Stress

If these two fish are kept together, you will find that your guppy will lose its health in no time. It will not be long before angelfish attacks the guppy when left together. The continuous threat from angelfish will cause massive stress to your guppy.

Unlike its name, angelfish instantly develop a bullying nature and occupy a significant section of the tank. Therefore, guppy would be left confined to a small area, and without much freedom, it will struggle immensely to survive.


Angelfish usually grow for about 6 inches when grown to their full size. Whereas, guppies only grow to two inches.

It must not be a surprise that being big, angelfish will find tiny guppies as food. So, there are high chances that angelfish will end up eating your guppies.

Even when the angelfish are not full-grown, they are still more significant in size, and they tend to attack guppies. Moreover, these adorable guppies are not fast swimmers, which puts them at a disadvantage when kept with angelfish.

Besides, it is advised to keep angelfish in pairs, but they must have ample space to stay away from each other. If you plan to keep a couple of angelfish, you must have a tank of at least 30 gallons.

Your Guppy Fry Can Be The Easiest Prey

Guppy fry is relatively tiny when born; they are approximately 0.25 inches. They can easily become prey to even the smallest angelfish.

While the larger angelfish can easily prey on guppies, the smaller ones will attack guppy fry. In simple words, none of the guppies can be safe with any size of angelfish.

Besides, angelfish are pretty swift, which makes them good hunters. Irrespective of décor and plants in the aquarium, it is not easy for guppies to hide for long. Moreover, once they are discovered, it will be very difficult for a guppy to survive in the same tank.

Guppies are livebearers, and they give birth to lots of fry at once in your tank. It can be a perfect snack for the angelfish, so it is better to keep them in a separate tank if you want to save them.

Additionally, it can be a problem for your angelfish. They can end up overeating, which can result in constipation.

Different Water Hardness

It will come as a surprise for most of you, but both the fish—guppy and angelfish, prefer different water hardness. Guppies mostly like to stay in soft waters, whereas angelfish comparatively like to stay in hard water.

If the water for both the fish is not maintained accordingly, there are high chances that they will be sick.  Therefore, it is better not to keep the two fish in the same tank.

How Can You Keep Them Together?

Keeping both the fish in a larger tank is not a good option. Even though it becomes harder for guppies and angelfish to cross each other, you cannot guarantee it. However, if you still want them together, it is better to follow the below methods:

Get A Much Larger Tank with Divider

If you really wish to keep them together, it is suggested to get a huge tank. You can use a divider in the tank to keep the two fish. You need to ensure you find the right size of the tank that is approximately 40-60 gallons.

You need to make sure that all the fish can have enough space to grow even after the divider. Getting a bigger aquarium will not only let you keep the two fish together, but you will not need two filters. Plus, you do not have to maintain two aquariums.

Add Plants And Decoration

Another way is by adding more plants and decoration to your fish tank. It will help your guppies to hide more easily from angelfish. While you choose the plants for your aquarium, it is essential to select thick plants.

Thick plants will keep your angelfish and guppies far from their sight. Some of the good choices of the plants include java moss, Anubis, java ferns and hawthorn.

Perhaps, it is suggested not to keep the two fish together. Even after all the efforts, your guppies can become food for angelfish.

Moreover, you can look for a similar size or larger size fish as they are more compatible with angelfish.


If you plan to keep the angelfish and guppies together, it is better to use two tanks or leave the idea. Also, if you do not wish to spend more money on the two aquariums, you can use a tank divider.

The two fish are not suitable tank mates as you will end up losing one of the species. Keeping guppy and angelfish together will be cruel as it is a death sentence for guppies. It is best to use other mates for both species and give them a suitable environment to survive.

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