Fritz Maracyn Vs. Maracyn 2 (What’s The Difference?)

Are you wondering what Maracyn is used for? Today, we’ll list out all the essential things you need to know about Maracyn, including its uses, treatment method, administration, and much more.

We’ll also compare Fritz Maracyn Vs. Maracyn 2 to find out what’s the difference between the two. Find out all these answers and more in this quick guide. 

What Is Fritz Maracyn Used For?

Fritz Maracyn is an antibiotic used for treatment against bacteria occurring in ornamental fish. It is often used to ease the symptoms of bacterial infection, including body fungus, popeye, and bacterial gill disease. 

What Is Maracyn And What Does Maracyn Treat In Fish?

Maracyn is essentially a broad-spectrum medicine that contains the active ingredient Erythromycin. It is effective against a wide range of bacteria and is administered to the water tank in measured doses. A vet or fish expert will be able to identify the symptoms associated with a bacterial infection in your fish. 

And although a professional will be able to diagnose if there is an occurrence of bacterial infection, you can identify some symptoms yourself. A fish might have an infection if there are indications of swollen eyes, discoloration, or an unusual swimming pattern, and Maracyn effectively treats these symptoms.

What Is Maracyn 2 And What Does Maracyn 2 Treat In Fish?

Just like Maracyn, Maracyn 2 is medicine in powder form that combats the symptoms of bacterial infection. It works primarily against gram-negative bacteria as compared to Maracyn, which kills gram-positive bacteria. 

The prescribed amount is added to water and treats internal infections that might be challenging to detect. The fish readily absorb the powder and water solution through the skin, thus treating internal infections. 

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Maracyn Vs. Maracyn 2, What’s The Difference?

Maracyn and Maracyn 2 are used to treat a bacterial infection, but there is one distinction between the two. Maracyn has the active ingredient Erythromycin which works against gram-positive bacteria. On the other hand, Maracyn 2 contains a different active ingredient, Minocycline which works better against gram-negative bacteria. 

Maracyn 2 has been developed to combat those gram-negative bacteria that are unaffected by Maracyn. Also, Maracyn treats external bacterial infections that cause columnaris (body fungus), tail rot, and gill disease. But Maracyn 2 targets internal infections that cause dropsy, septicemia, or general listlessness. You could also use Maracyn 2 if the fish don’t eat or exhibit unusual swimming behavior. 

Where To Buy Maracyn And Maracyn 2?

Maracyn and Maracyn 2 are antibiotic products developed by Fritz Aquatics. You can buy these options from the Fritz official website, online stores, or your local vet. 

How To Use Maracyn?

Maracyn and Maracyn 2 are powders that dissolve in water to kill the infection-causing bacteria. It is recommended to add one packet per 10 gallons of water and repeat after 24 hours for 5 days. If there isn’t any change in the condition of the fish after 5 days, repeat the procedure once more. However, if the problem persists, you will need to consult an expert. 


Can I Use Maracyn And Maracyn 2 Together?

Yes, Maracyn and Maracyn 2 can be used together since they work against different bacteria and do not have any adverse effects upon combining. However, the population of the beneficial bacteria in the tank might be affected after adding Maracyn. These good bacteria are essential since they remove excess ammonia from the water. 

Thus, to maintain the balance, you can add FritzZyme to replace the good bacteria. You can use FritzZyme 7 and 360 for freshwater and FritzZyme 9 and 460 for saltwater.

How Long Does It Take For Maracyn Or Maracyn 2 To Work?

A complete course lasts 5 days for Maracyn and Maracyn 2 to show steady effects. It is strongly recommended that you complete the 5 days course and add the correct powder to water ratio for best results. 

From day 1 till day 5, add one packet to 10 gallons per day. Do not change the water during these 5 days. On day 6, perform a 25 to 30% water change and, if necessary, repeat the course from day 7 onwards. 

Are Maracyn And Maracyn 2 Safe For African Dwarf Frogs?

Yes, Maracyn and Maracyn 2 are safe for African Dwarf Frogs (ADF) and help reduce bacterial and fungal infections. The administration will remain the same – one packet in 10 gallons of water, repeating the same ratio for 5 days for effective treatment. Since Maracyn is not as potent as other brands, it is much safer for fish and ADF. 

Are Maracyn And Maracyn 2 Safe For Fish And Snails?

Yes, snails and fish, like catfish and molly fish will be completely fine in water containing Maracyn. However, care needs to be taken if there is a large ammonia spike in the water. Since the antibiotic kills beneficial nitrate-removing bacteria too, the ammonia levels usually rise during the treatment period. 

If the levels are higher than expected, you can detoxify the tank using specialized products that help reduce the ammonia levels. 

Are Maracyn And Maracyn 2 Safe For Plants?

Maracyn and Maracyn 2 do not have any adverse effects on plants in the water tank. However, your plants will get reduced sunlight during the 5 days of treatment with Maracyn. This is because Maracyn 2 is light-sensitive and needs some shade to thrive. 

Some sensitive plants will turn yellow during the treatment period but become green again once the treatment is over. Yet, if you are concerned about the yellowing, you may remove the plants from the tank before adding Maracyn. 

Final Thoughts

Here, we’ve tried to cover most of the questions you might have about Maracyn and Maracyn 2. We hope this guide helped clear any doubts about Maracyn and its uses. Ultimately, providing Maracyn treatments, either individually or combined, are a completely safe way to kill disease-causing bacteria. 

The only thing you need to be careful about is the ammonia levels. If that is monitored, don’t worry about using Maracyn for fish, snails, and frogs alike. 

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  1. I have only one fish out of 25 in my freshwater tank that has Popeye.

    Can I treat it in the tank with the others, or do I have to isolate it in it’s own. I don’t have a separate tank with a filter and heater.

    Will the Maracyn hurt the healthy fish?

    • Hi William,

      This is a condition seen far often in aquarium.

      Unfortunately, I can’t provide medical advice as the treatment will depend upon the underlying cause. You need to diagnose it yourself by the characteristic symptom.

      If your fish clearly suffering from a bacterial infection, then it should be moved to a quarantine tank to avoid the infection from spreading.



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