Lemon Oscar (Astronotus ocellatus) Care Guide & Species Profile

Lemon Oscar (Astronotus ocellatus)

Are you an oscar cichlids fan and want to make a stunning addition to your aquarium? If so, then look no further than lemon oscar. This freshwater fish is an appealing color variety of the Oscar Cichlid, making them a worthy choice for your community aquarium.  Like any variety of Oscar fish, these vibrant lemon yellow … Read more

Signs my Oscar Fish is Dying (Tank, Behavioral & Appearance)

Signs My Oscar Fish is Dying

The Oscar fish is a tough competitor in the aquarium world. Although generally hardy, the Oscar is susceptible to many diseases and parasites. You should be able to recognize if your fish has a disease or parasite in order to start treatment sooner rather than later. To avoid worst-case scenarios and save them before it’s … Read more

Hole In The Head Disease in Oscar Fish (Causes, Symptoms and Treatments)

Hole In The Head Disease in Oscar Fish

Also known as the Velvet Cichlid or Tiger Oscar, the Oscar fish is a species of the Cichlid family that originated in the Amazon basin.  Commonly found in South American markets, Oscars are labeled as non-native pet species in the United States. Typically found in green to dark brown colors, these fish are great ornamental … Read more

What Do Oscars Eat?(& How Often to Feed Them)

What do Oscars eat

No aquarium is complete without the googly-eyed Oscar fish! After all, their variety of vivid colors and patterns are too good to resist. From the patterned Tiger Oscar fish to the milky white Albino Oscar fish- there’s an “Oscar” for everyone! However, like any other fish or pet animal, Oscar fish also require a proper diet to maintain a healthy … Read more

Oscar Fish Tank Size (The Wrong Size Can Kill Your Fish)

Oscar Fish Tank Size

Oscar fish are known for their large size, beautiful color, and loyalty to their owners.  They are among the few rare fish that acknowledge and remember the hand that feeds them. In return, all the Oscar fish asks for is regular feeding, amiable tank mates, and a well-maintained tank. Since this freshwater species can grow … Read more

How Big Do Oscars Get? (In Captivity & Wild)

how big do Oscars get

Oscars are large and messy, and so much more.  Many aquarists love to have them around the house because of their intelligence and interesting personalities. In fact, they are lovingly called “river dogs” because of their loyalty and ability to recognize their owners.  That being said, Oscars have big personalities, which means they can be … Read more

Do Oscar Fish Have Teeth? (And Do They Bite?)

Do Oscar Fish Have Teeth

Are you an aquarium enthusiast thinking about introducing Oscar fish to your tank? Here’s all you need to know about their teeth.  When you hear the words “fish with teeth,” you immediately think of deadly sharks and piranhas. However, are Oscar fish as dangerous as these deadly creatures, or can you keep them in a tank with … Read more

7 Best Oscar Fish Tank Mates (Compatible And Safe)

Oscar Fish Tank Mates

Oscar fishes are notorious killers and playful creatures – the perfect combination of stunning and troublesome.  These tropical freshwater inhabitants are not the friendliest and are eager to devour or bully fishes that come their way. So, most aquarists wish to add a bit more color and spark to their aquarium and look for a … Read more