Cyprinid Fish, Guides for Cyprinidae Danios, Barbs and more

Cyprinids are hearty and attractive additions to any aquarium. They typically include some of the first types that beginners keep, but they can be a favorite among long-time aquarists as well!

This large family of freshwater fish, including the minnow and carp-like fishes are found all over Asia, Africa, Europe and North America. However, you can’t find them in South America or Australia. They come in many sizes from giant gamefish to small species less than 5 cm long – so there’s plenty for everyone!

Cyprinids are among the most popular fish for beginners to keep. They can do well in any water condition but prefer slightly acidic conditions with soft water and need regular partial changes of this same type of environment.

The water in their aquarium must stay clean and the temperature they require is consistent with what tropical fish need, with a range around 75° F. Always keep them in a school; they will usually swim around and hang outside of the tank. Bright lighting or distractions from anything else won’t be too much trouble for them unless it’s feeding time.

Part of the Cyprinid family, goldfish and koi are quite distinctive. Rather than including them here we have provided separate sections for Goldfish and Koi that is complete with information about these popular fish!