Cyprinids Species

Cyprinids are plentiful fish found in most regions of the world (all continents except Australia and South America) and commonly referred to as minnows. They are not demanding as aquarium fish and make excellent starter choices for owners cautious about the more particular habits and needs of the higher maintenance species.

Most fish in the Cyprinids species are small and many of them are schooling fish, meaning that they are best kept in small groups. The Cyprinids are known for being lively and prolific, playfully swarming together and breeding often.

One of the attractive features of Cyprinids to new aquarium owners is their general hardiness. Most members of the Cyprinids species don’t require water heaters and can stand the cooler temperatures. Since you can mix many varieties – including Danios and Rasboras – these low-maintenance fish are great for those that want a colorful, easily maintainable aquarium display.