Can Guppies and Betta Live Together in Harmony?

Can Guppies and Betta Live Together

Can guppies and betta live together?  Given the notoriously aggressive nature of guppies, some would argue that these two different types of fish are best kept apart. Yet given the numerous benefits of owing guppies, many still would like to at least try to bring them together. Can Betta Fish Live With Guppies? The truth … Read more

Important Guide to Betta Fish Water Temperatures

Betta Fish Water Temperatures

Betta fish are freshwater fish whose natural habitat consists of tropical regions. They are also called Siamese Fighting Fish because of their fascinating history of being bred as a fighting fish. In their native habitats Bettas live among the marshes and shallow ponds of Asia, especially the regions around Southeast Asia. Bettas have the ability … Read more

Betta Fish Ich: Symptoms, Causes, Treatment That Hobbyists Must Know

Betta Fish Ich

One of the most common diseases among freshwater fish is ich, or ick, also called white spot disease. Bettas are highly susceptible to this uncomfortable disease, and death can occur if it is not treated in time. Before treating betta your fish ich, rule out any other possibilities to avoid any adverse effects.  What is … Read more

Betta Fish Tumor 101 (Symptoms, Treatment & Prevention)

Betta Fish Tumor

Like most pet owners, fish enthusiasts have to deal with sick fish occasionally. Though this is not pleasant, most fish diseases can be cured with a little attention and effort, even betta fish tumor. Below, we will discuss identifying a tumor on your betta fish, the treatments available to heal your fish, and how to … Read more

Betta Fish Tank Mates | Huge List Of 50+ Fish That Can Live With


Are you looking to set up a community tank full of a variety of colorful and strikingly exciting fish? Bettas are the perfect eye candy for your community tank. Their colors are vibrant, and their finnage is flamboyant.  However, Bettas have a terrible reputation for being aggressive and territorial fish. This can make finding compatible … Read more